The Dominican Ecology Centre is providing an eight weeks programme for the students
from the Transition Year of the Dominican College Wicklow.
Students will explore:
  • the work of the Ecology Centre and grow in understanding of the purpose and value of the organic farm on their doorstep;  
  • a change in daily practices that can have a positive effect on how other living species can be cared for and nurtured;
  • learning about the environmental cost of loss of biodiversity, of poor waste management and pollution. 

We plan to create awareness about the following:

  • Climate change challenges - imperative choices that will make a difference
  • Biodiversity in the local area
  • Sustainable living patterns that can have lasting positive effects on the planet.

How will this programme develop a more sustainable local community?

The students all live in the local community and they will be given space to focus on:

  • Creating a socially just human presence in the local community where inclusion and equality are respected and opportunity to benefit from local resources is normative.
  • Creating greater consciousness of interconnectedness of all living species sharing our planet earth.
  • Relationship between daily living practices and responsibility for the future of planet earth - nothing is outside the perimeter of ecological concerns in the local community.